We see a Spirit-empowered community experiencing authentic relationships with God and one another; extending the influence of God’s kingdom to transform Auburn and the World.

Worshipping and Praying Community
No one is more deserving of our attention than God. We show our love for God through a life of worship. We express an understanding of our fundamental need as little children in God’s great big Universe by asking in prayer. We believe that God is good, and that he delights in answering when we ask.

Learning Community
As followers we are learners. We don’t assume that we understand all that being Jesus-like means, so we posture our lives as learners. We are learning to obey all that He has commanded. We do this through individual study, small groups, mentoring, conferences, and weekly teachings.

Ministering Community
The church exists to show people God’s love by meeting their needs and healing their hurts in Jesus name. Whether the needs are physical, emotional or spiritual God’s desire is wholeness.

Relational Community
God has not only called us to believe but also to belong. Relationships are ultimately what will matter. We, therefore, take time to form authentic relationships. We become correctable and walk in the light to protect relationships. We are called to know and to be known.

Missional Community
God loves every person. As ambassadors of his heart, our community is called to share his love with those he misses most. The story of Jesus coming to the earth, his death on a cross, resurrection from the dead and promise to return is the most radical story of all time. It is our privilege to share it.

Relationship, God’s Love, Personal Growth, Community, Mentoring, Supernatural, Honor, Prophetic, The Heart, War Eagle!

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