Words and Ideas That Flavor Our Community

The Father’s Love:
The greatest revelation we can ever get is that God loves us. The heart can be a slow learner, so we rehearse this matter in hope of bringing the message of God’s love from a concept to an experience.

Personal Growth and Mentoring:
We are committed to building a safe place where people can grow and learn more about who they are created to be. As we process life together, we move past problems that are holding us back.

When we deeply appreciate the diversity of people around us, we receive from the greatness God has put in them. Honor says, “I value who you are, and I need what you have.”

Relationships and Community:
We were created for relationships. Where our society is increasingly individualistic, we want to foster connected lives.  We want to live lives that protect our relationship with God and each other. We want to get there together.

Jesus’ first sermon was an invitation to change our perspective because a new kingdom had come within reach. From this kingdom, He demonstrated God’s power and so did the lives of His followers. We want to carry on the works of Jesus by praying for the sick, seeing broken people set free, and walking in the authority that Jesus intended for us.

God’s Presence:
We love it. When we focus our hearts on God, we expect that He will meet with us. We want to live lives and gather together in ways that are attractive to the Presence of God.

Encouragement is a force that moves us forward in our destiny. It keeps us from giving up. Paul the Apostle wrote “when a man prophesies he speaks to men for their encouragement, comfort and strengthening.” God has given us a special heart to encourage and build up those who need to hear the good things God has to say.

The Heart:
The heart is the wellspring of life.  God desires each of us to be healed, whole and at rest in our hearts.